Geri Ringston

A tall red-headed dwarf, no nonsence manner.


Geri Ringston is the dock-master in New Caladain. He was with the first group of colonists and has been in the city since before it was a city. He is taller than most other dwarves standing just over five foot four and quite brawny. His hair and beard is a vibrant red and his eyes stone gray. Geri has befriended several of the Selenauos and is often helping to train new fisherman and sailors with their assistance.

Geri Ringston has two orphans boys ages eight and eleven that he has taken on as apprentices he treats them as his own and the boys have a strong liking for him. He frequents The Cracked Flagon most evenings where he can be found sitting with a group of first yearers. He knows more than most about the surrounding areas and may be a good source of information to those seeking to know more.


Geri Ringston

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