Izolia Iscaro

Seventeen year old dilettante who inherited the position of Lord Mayor



Izolia Iscaro is the heir to the title of Lord Mayor of New Caladain. She is woefully unsuitable for the role of leader being most interested in courtly niceties, balls and fashion trends. However she shares her Uncles kindness and compassion, she earnestly wants to do the right thing but finds it all rather complicated and difficult. Luckily she has the guidance and tutelage of her Uncle’s most trusted adviser Malise who narrowly survived the plague that killed much of the Iscaro household.

Malise handles all of the day to day operation of the city leaving Izolia plenty of time to daydream of her eventual return to the Nine Kingdoms. “I mean, they can’t all be dead can they?” she has been heard to say from time to time. Izolia comes off as frivolous and flighty but at her heart she is kind and looks up to her deceased uncle. This is why she has not turned over the reigns to another noble family she believes with time that she can live up to her uncles image and guide the people of New Caladain.

Izolia spends much of her time at the Fort but is on occasion seen at The Guildsman, an upscale Inn and social club for what remains of the Nine Kingdoms elite.


Izolia Iscaro

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