Keeper Hadzillia

High Priestess of Cevarin, Keeper of the Purifying Flame


The High Priestess of Cevarin, Keeper of the Purifying Flame. Hadzillia is a devoted follower of her goddess and the leader of the church in New Caladain where she has put the church in position to rival the Pantheon of the Nine for popularity and followers.

Hadzillia is an driven woman whose faith, patience and dedication during the plague and its aftermath has elevated her into a key position of leadership. The healing powers of the purifying flame were able to heal the sick and needy when the Priests of the Nine were not able to.

The House of the Purifying Flame which she maintains with the help of her young Husband Sir Logan Kourash is a bastion for community outreach feeding the needy, healing the injured and bringing succor to those in need.


Keeper Hadzillia

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