Sir Logan Kourash

Paladin of Cevarin


Logan Kourash is young for a paladin, clearly just beyond his teens. He bears the red hair and striking faint green eyes that clearly mark him as one of Cevarin’s chosen. He is a stalwart defender of the faith and the wards of the temple, he prefers to talk out differences before drawing steel, and despite being a paladin he is rarely quick to judge.

Logan Kourash grew up on a farm with a large family, something he shares with his wife Hadzillia. He was the oldest of nearly a dozen siblings and has a patient way with the children that come to the House of the Purifying Flame, he seems most at ease when playing with the young ones in the yard of the temple.

He is suspicious of strangers that come around the temple for he has had many dealings with the less than tolerant scions of the Nine. He shares his suspicions and gut feelings with his wife and he seems to have the uncanny ability to detect when someone hides ill intent.

He values the lives of his charges and is training up three young men in their teens as potential paladins. His training emphasizes logic and deduction over emotional outbursts, he teaches the young men to first take in all they can before coming to a decision then to act swiftly.

Rumors : The paladin is considered very attractive and many of the women in the town covet the attention he gives to his wife the Keeper of the Purifying Flame. His youth and her age are hot topics of gossip and many believe that she has bewitched him.


Sir Logan Kourash

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