Fire Domain

Fire Domain

Cleric Level 1st Domain Spell 2nd Domain Spell
1st Continual Flame* Searing Smite
3rd Flame Blade Heat Metal
5th Elemental Weapon (Fire) Fireball
7th Conjure Minor Elemental (Fire) Wall of Fire
9th Conjure Elemental (Fire) Planar Binding (Fire)

*Actually a 2nd level spell

1st Level – Bonus Cantrip of Produce Flame

1st Level – Turn Water Creatures. You can use your Turn Undead ability on water creatures.

2nd Level – Channel Divinity: Sculpt Spells. This is the same as the Wizard Evocation ability found on page 117 of the PHB.

6th Level – Channel Divinity: Wreathed in Holy Fire. This effect lasts for 1 minute. Any creature that ends its turn within a 5 feet radius of you must make a Dexterity saving throw or take 2D6 fire damage. On a failed saving throw they take half damage. Undead take full damage on a failed saving throw. If you move and creatures enter into this radius they also need to make a saving throw.

8th Level – Burn the Unholy. Any turned Undead (using the Channel Divinity ability) also take 1D6 fire damage per Cleric level on a failed Dexterity saving throw. If they make the save they take no damage. Undead that are destroyed are burned into a pile of ashes.

17th Level – Burning Martyr. Use your action to activate an aura of holy fire that lasts for 1 minute (regardless of whether you are still alive or dead by then). This aura is centered on you and it has a 60 foot radius and it move with you. Your enemies within this radius get disadvantage on Dex saving throws and your allies get advantage. Those that fail the saving throw take 10D6 fire damage and those that fail the saving throw take half damage. They need to make this save every round that they are in the fire and this includes your character. Your character cannot use any magic or item or spell to reduce this damage, and you cannot have another character heal you as the spell continues. The ONLY way that your character can reduce this damage is by a successful saving throw. If your character dies the spell rages on for the duration of the spell. It is up to the GM if this spell is as high as the heavens or in a 60 feet radius sphere.

Fire Domain

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