House of the Purifying Flame

House of the Purifying Flame

Located on a bluff overlooking the docks and fisherman’s district. The House of the Purifying Flame is a temple complex devoted to the Goddess Cevarin whose domains are healing, purification and fire. The compound consists of a large limestone block temple with golden yellow and red stained glass windows where services are held and a half dozen smaller wooden outbuildings that house classrooms and living quarters.

The High Priestess Keeper Hadzillia was one of the first to arrive in the New World. She claims she was divinely compelled to make the arduous journey and to consecrate the land the temple sits on. Once she had made the journey followers of the Purifying Flame began to arrive including the dashing Paladin Sir Logan Kourash and his band of retainers.

In the Nine Kingdoms Cevarin was always regarded as a fringe almost pagan demi-goddess with few open worshipers within the ranks of the powerful and wealthy. The faithful often faced persecution by the established faiths and powers of the Nine Kingdoms.

The Church of the Purifying Flame courts the common man and woman providing sustenance both spiritual and physical to those that are in need. Operating schools for the lower classes, clinics for the sick and hospice for the dying. These practices have established the foothold of the faith throughout the lower districts of many cities in the Nine Kingdoms.

As the workers and indentured were some of the first to arrive in New Caladain they brought their faith with them and found a temple or rather a campground that would one day be a temple in the ruins of the city waiting for them.

The outbuildings that surround the tall white stone walls of the temple are made of brick and wood. Two of them house classrooms where the priestess’s teach the children of New Caladain and try to bring a sense of normalcy to the lives of the children who have survived through these trying times. Another of the buildings, a two story large wooden home is the orphanage which houses many children whose entire families were lost to the plague. Of the remaining three buildings two are dormitories and facilities the first is the quarters for the three priestess’s and the second for Sir Logan’s Paladins. The final building is a simple stone home that is shared by Keeper Hadzillia and her Husband Sir Logan Kourash.

The temple and its services are free to those that are in need but the Keeper of the Flame and her priestess’s are adept at identifying those that would take advantage of the hospitality, for those the services come at a cost..

The church and its faithful enjoy a larger level of acceptance in New Caladain, more then they did in any city in the Nine Kingdoms however they are still looked down on with suspicion from those that represent the establishment, the rich and the powerful who hold to the traditions and faiths of the Nine Kingdoms. flameofCevarin.jpg

Services The Priestess’s offer services ranging from teaching, blessing, auguary and all the traditional services one would expect. The costs for these services is directly tied to the priestess’s perception of the need and the wealth of those requesting the service.

Faith Game information for Clerics that worships Cevarin.
Cevarin Keeper of the Purifying Flame, AL: LG Suggested Domains: Life Domain, Fire Domain Symbol: Flame shrouded sword.

Rumors: The priestess’s ask strange questions of those that have traveled away from the city, it is clear that they seek something, but what it is nobody knows.

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House of the Purifying Flame

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