Public Market

Public Market

The Public Market is a square of land just below Fort Iscaro. Here craftsmen of all types sell and barter for their goods with the people of New Caladain. The market post plague has slowed down quite a bit, no supply ships means no new imports nor any markets to export to. Most of the craftsmen build tools and common household supplies but a few dealers have begun to specialize in purchasing heirlooms and valuables from the many people stuck in New Caladain and desperate for liquid assets. The goods purchased this way are often sold to members of the Noble households who are equally desperate for something from the Nine Kingdoms. Clothing in good repair and from popular designers and fashion is worth a great deal of money to the Noble men and women.

Some dealers also have begun to offer strange pieces of art and bric a brac that they claim has been looted from ancient ruins of the people from before. The authenticity of these items is hard to prove but merchants in the market will pay good money for items of antiquity found in the ruins beyond as the Nobles will pay top dollar to one up each other with such items.

The location of the town guards barracks just to the south of the market and the watchful eyes on Fort Iscaro’s turrets keeps crime down but pick-pockets and con-men are still plentiful praying upon the unwary.

Rumors The halfling barber Samel Hyatt has a wealth of information gathered from his many customers. He has an uncanny ability to loosen the lips of those he treats and grooms and an equally uncanny ability to pass information on to the people who most desire it. These talents have combined to ensure that the market barber lives comfortably even in such dire times.

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Public Market

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