The Docks

The Docks

The New Caladain docks are home to a small fleet of coastal fishing vessels. During the spring and summer months they are very busy as small craft ferry people and supplies from the large ships anchored outside the city in the larger bay. This spring though, no ships have been seen and the hope that another will arrive slips away with each passing day.

The previous winter’s storms flooded the docks district and did a great deal of damage to the piers. Though they were shored up in anticipation of colony vessel arrivals. The fishing fleet has now incorporated many of the small craft used to ferry goods into improvised sailing and fishing vessels and their bounty feeds much of the cities population.

The docks are managed by Geri Ringston, a stout and tall dwarf in his middle years. He has an office on the docks and is in charge of dock maintenance and collecting the cities tax on all fish harvests. He has two young assistants to help him with this task.

Rumors about the Docks

Not so much about the docks but the ocean in general. The fishing fleets fear to travel beyond sight of the land as the few ships that have been sent out have never been seen again. Those that skirt this boundary tell tales of disturbingly large squid like tentacles on the distant horizon and never go out as far again.

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The Docks

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