The Guildsman

The Guildsman

Located next door to the dome of the Temple to Ashmad and below the walls of Fort Iscaro. The Guildsman Inn is a structure as grand as its neighbors. Built within a walled courtyard this two story stone building seems lifted from the gilded plaza of Triesta in Caladain. A half dozen large fluted columns hold up a broad second story balcony from which one can look down and into the sheltered bay of the city. The courtyard has been torn apart and is being redesigned into a garden with winding trails, small grassy berms and sheltered groves of trees, or so the owner Loduili Luagi claims, as of now it consists of sculpted mounds of earth, wooden stakes and twine. During the daytime the courtyard is busy with laborers moving earth back and forth carting white stone pebbles and planting. By night the areas under construction are hidden from the eyes of his patrons behind dyed black cloth draped over the earthworks.

The Inn itself is more of a private club whose membership is determined primarily by the appearance and apparent wealth of those that want to enter. It is a bastion of the bourgeois culture of the Nine Kingdoms nobility and is frequented by the exiled scions of the Nine Kingdoms rich and wealthy who cling to a culture that is now distant and fading.

Inside the Inn is spacious parlors and private rooms, an expansive ballroom, polished wooden bars and designer furniture all imported from the Nine Kingdoms. Valuable art and memorabilia from the Nine Kingdoms bedeck the plaster walls and though it all seems a bit overdone and gaudy to an outsider it evokes a particularly strong feeling of nostalgia in the patrons of the Inn. The second floor is much like the first grand parlors and sitting rooms that open by large glass paned double door on to the expansive balcony. Guest accommodations have been converted to private meeting rooms as most of the nobles and the wealthy have their own properties in the district around the Fort.

The kitchens of the Inn do their best to recreate the classic dishes from the homelands using what foods can be grown and harvested locally. Elurian, the master chef is always on the look out for exotic ingredient’s particularly spices. He is known to hire hunters to find him unusual game and he employs a gaggle of young men and women to stalk the nearby woods and fields for berries, nuts and other edible forage.

Three well trained and burly doormen prevent any riff raff from entering the establishment, they present a professional and polite veneer but it is thin and they are quick to pull clubs and beet off any that object to their discrimination.

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The Guildsman

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