A single thirty foot in diameter wood and steel waterwheel can be driven into the waterfall to power the mechanism of the cranes. When engaged the wheel can power both cranes simultaneously and lift heavy loads of stone or freight up and down the eastern cliffs. The massive water wheel is attached to a mechanism that can move it in and out of the waters as is needed to reduce wear on the device.

This machine was designed by Cerren Endel who with single-minded devotion maintains the intricate system of gears and cables keeping it in tip top shape, despite the fact that it is rarely used. Cerren Endel is considered an eccentric hermit by most and the only reason this project was allowed to go forward is that he funded it himself.

Cerren makes his home within a small cramped room in the wheel’s wheelhouse. It’s shelves are stacked with tomes and manuscripts of all shapes and sizes, racks of tools and broad thick sheets of parchment with scrawled design prototypes ranging from self propelled ships to flying machines.

Rumors: Cerren is a shut in recluse who’s mind is addled by the loss of his entire family in the plague but it is said that he does take the occasional visitor. Most that call on his door are politely turned away but if you have an interesting and seemingly impossible project or are looking for particularly obscure knowledge such that it piques Cerren’s curiosity you may be invited in.

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