The Story so far:

You’re stuck on a frontier colony across the ocean from the civilized lands. It was a particularly harsh winter, fierce coastal storms and flooding caused extensive damage to the city. Once the winter passed the expected colony supply ships failed to arrive. It’s been some six months since the last vessel brought news from home, news of war and famine and betrayal. The treaties that kept the nine kingdoms at peace had failed and the homeland has become embroiled in war, but that’s neither here nor there for you.

That last ship brought something else with it as well….a pestilence, plague or some other disease that swept through the port quickly killing indiscriminately and leaving no family untouched. If it had not been for the strange arrival of the Selenauos and their mercy perhaps none would have survived the plague.

Once the disease was handled and what aid the Selenauos could give was given they burned their tall sailed ship and sunk it just outside the bay. The captain of the vessel, Kythermilian Ioverin’Pallaenris declared that his people would be unable to return home until they were certain the disease was no threat for fear of the disease spreading to their secret lands. It was then that the people of New Caladain understood the sacrifice these “elves of the sea” had made for us, for without their assistance none would live to tell this tale.

Now you struggle to move on, without supplies from the homeland and with little hope that any at home even remember the colony, you the survivors must rebuild the damaged city, harvest and plant what you can in the rolling coastal plains, and eventually explore the unknown land.

The Selenauos are joined with you in this venture while their numbers are small their knowledge is valuable regardless that they keep it secreted away. What comes next you face together.

Player characters will start as recent arrivals and strangers in New Caladain a frontier city on the newly discovered continent of Playis. Your mentors, relatives, or bosses that have brought you across the great ocean have perished in the plague leaving you nothing. You are out of money but not out of hope for plenty of work for quick-witted, strong backed, nimble fingered men and women and much adventure is to be had in the wild lands that surround.

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You're Never Going Home

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