Boorhead Brewery

The Boorshead Brewery

The Boorshead Brewery supplies much of the alcohol consumed in New Caladain. By stroke of luck the fertile hills and plains around New Caladain grow hops, grapes and grains in abundance, and what excess exists finds its way to the fermenters and vinters of the Boorshead Brewery. Owned by a stodgy old pair of dwarven brothers named Genti and Thagbi the brewery manages to produce almost enough alcohol to keep the town in drink.

There is nothing particularly special about their ales and spirits however they do have a consistency in their products which is delivered punctually to the Cracked Flagon Tavern and The Guildsman Inn on a regular schedule. On the occasion that there is surplus they will sell it to those with the coin or trade goods and on occasion open a small taproom at the brewery to sell off any excess.

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Boorhead Brewery

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