Basalt Quarry

The Quarry

Located in the cliffs along the south of the city, both basalt and limestone are quarried out from the cliff side and used in building construction from the walls to the many modest homes. Much of the cities unskilled labor works in this hazardous job, and the foreman is always looking for able bodied volunteers. Most property crimes place the criminal here to work off his restitution.

Recently a small vein of silver was found and is now being mined alongside the stone removal. This has excited the nobles and merchants but their are detractors that claim the silver really has little value, considering recent changes in trade and it would have been much better to have found an iron vein.

Rumors The miners have broken into an old worked passage that connects a series of rooms. They found various items from tools to statues that were snatched up by the dealers in the public market. However with no public reason given the area was sealed off after a mining accident took the lives of six men. Some claim it was no accident but a vengeful shade, a specter from the past whose wrath fell upon those who trespassed.

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Basalt Quarry

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