Fort Iscaro

Fort Iscaro

Fort Iscaro sits atop a raised point along the narrow straight into the small bay. Most of the Fort’s walls were intact when the city was founded three years ago but the repairs stand out in stark contrast against the sun-bleached stones of the old wall.

The forts elevated position at the mouth of the river grants its towers guardsmen a vantage to look down into almost all of New Caladain as well as out to sea. Each of the square towers have a ballista emplacement that could be used to defend the bay and the market districts. Only the guardsmen that protect the Fort are housed in within its walls. The largest building is the Lord Mayor’s manor house a splendid building of three stories with a tiled peaked roof comprised entirely of imported red slate.

Fort Iscaro was named after Tamil Iscaro who was a well-liked lord from the fertile kingdom of Hasnu. His business acumen allowed him to amass a small fortune a portion of which he gave back to his subjects in the form of charities of all sorts. He had a reputation as a fair and just man and it is no doubt his outspoken conscience that landed him far from the Nine Kingdom’s courts and earned him the esteemed position of Lord Mayor of New Caladain. Tamil Iscaro came to New Caladain with a small army of devoted and well paid servants as well as members of his family.

During the winter’s plague Tamil Iscaro was one of the first to die as was most of his household leaving only his seventeen year old niece Izolia, his trusted Commander Geniro, his secretary and assistant Malise and a dozen house guardsmen alive.

Rumors about Fort Iscaro:

— Lord Iscaro brought much of his vast fortune with him when he came to New Caladain, fearful that his rivals would steal it outright if left behind. The is in the form of boxes of valuable gems, sacks of coins and exotic works of art brought from his estates in Hasnu. While must of his treasure is mundane it is said that he owned a full sized standing mirror in a white marble stand that could show the viewer remote locations. Much of Iscaro’s wealth was found but no sign of the mirror has surfaced. Those that spread these rumors speculate that beneath the raised point the fort is on is an extensive maze of tunnels and passages that not only contain Lord Iscaro’s remaining wealth but also wealth from the original civilization whose city this was.

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Fort Iscaro

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