The Cracked Flagon

The Cracked Flagon

The Cracked Flagon Tavern is located on the north side of town along the road that leads down from the Orad Gate. It was built to be an Inn for visiting traders, sea captains and explorers located near the docks and the northern gates. However with the downturn in visitors from the Nine Kingdoms the Inn has become more of a public house.

The Cracked Flagon is owned by a narrow faced man with tangled blond hair and brown eyes who goes by the name of Kas. His wife Jane manages the kitchen and their adopted son Colwin helps with bussing tables and errands. Kas and Jane have several guests that stay in the guest rooms chipping in with the work and helping out as needed to pay for their accommodations.

The Inn itself consists of a large taproom at the center of which is a stone four sided hearth whose chimney climbs up into the ceiling. On either side of the hearth are several small tables with two to three chairs or stools clustered around them. Booths line the outer wall each with a glass paned window that looks out on a covered patio and the steep ascent up to the Orad Gate. A long bar with a half dozen stools and a brass rail is on the opposite side of the room. Large double doors lead out to the courtyard and the Orad Gate road while a smaller door heads to the back yard, privies, stables and store house. Stairs lead up to the smaller second floor where the six guest rooms are. Kas, Jane and Colwin live in an attached home that is not connected internally to the Tavern. The Cracked Flagon has accommodation’s for a dozen animals in its new stables though their are rarely any animals that need stabling as horses and beasts of burden are in short supply.


Enweled is a stranded academic from Erendori (An Elven City State). He has long red hair, gray eyes and an optimistic demeanor. He was on a mission to study the recovered relics of the new land when the plague and rumors of war arrived. He has faith that it is only a matter of time before contact with the Nine Kingdoms comes, he does not believe the Nine Kingdoms have fallen “it’s simply preposterous the notion that thousands of years of civilization has succumbed in one season, no…no…surely something else has happened.” He has voiced opinions that the Selenauos are not telling them all that they know and he regards them with open suspicion.

Henry Lipiers, is a quite man that keeps to himself. Around The Cracked Flagon he does a majority of the dirty work and behind the scenes cleaning. He has heavy facial scarring and is rather unpleasant to look upon, his attitude towards others is not much better than his looks. A burly man it is clear he know how to handle himself with arms and armor, he shows the scars and reflexes of a fighting man even if he attempts to hide them as best he can. Henry knew Kas from before the “settling” of New Caladain but they don’t seem to like each other much and rarely share words. It could just be his looks and his personality but most people seem to get nervous when Henry enters a room.

Render Blarney is the final “guest”. A rotund halfling with bright auburn red hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears a long moustache that is braided at the ends in the style of a dwarf. Render helps in the kitchen and the taproom when the Tavern gets busy at night though judging by the way he can put away food its not clear if he or the Flagon is getting the better deal.

Render is friendly and inquisitive often the first to speak to new faces that come into The Cracked Flagon, he is always eager to here a new story. Render is good friends with Geri Ringston the dockmaster.

Rumors: All sorts of rumors surround Henry Lipiers most of them center around him being some sort of escaped convict or deranged murderer. However they are never whispered when he is around. Some claim that when Henry speaks about Kas he calls him the bloody or Kas the Bloody.

Periodically Enweled meets with explorers and others who regularly leave the city, it is said that he may purchase oddities and artifacts from the people who once settled these lands.

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The Cracked Flagon

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